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Anant Kukreti



  • Higher Ed: Engineering, Higher Ed: Administrator 


Dr. Anant R. Kukreti is Director for Engineering Outreach and Professor in the School of Energy, Environmental, Biological and Medical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Cincinnati. Dr. Kukreti has extensive administrative experience. He served as Head of Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC from 2000-2006. He worked in a faculty position for 22 years at the University of Oklahoma; serving as Acting Director of the School of CEES from 1996-1999. He has won 5 major university teaching awards, 2 Professorships, and 2 national ASEE teaching awards. He has administered 64 research projects for over $26.7 Million, including 22 NSF projects for $18.1 Million, and published 125 papers and 2 book chapters. He has supervised 34 MS and 10 PhD students to completion, and is currently advising 2 PhD and 2 MS thesis students. 


His teaching and research expertise include experimental and finite element analysis of structural systems, behavior of steel connections, seismic analysis/design, small-scale modeling and testing, fracture mechanics, constitutive modeling, and development of authentic educational pedagogical STEM practices.  


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