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CEEMS Summer Institute Faculty Course Development Seminars


The Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science Program (CEEMS) aims to train a cadre of middle school and high school teachers to use engineering as a context to teach science and math. As a result, the CEEMS Summer Institute Course Development Seminars were designed to provide professional development to university faculty who will be teaching CEEMS Summer Institute courses to 7-12th math and science teachers. In addition to using the seminars to educate faculty about the goals and objectives of our targeted MSP grant, the seminars primary focus is to explain and encourage the use of challenge-based learning as the primary pedagogical approach in the facultys Summer Institute classes. In turn, based on their participation and ongoing support from CEEMS resource teams, 7-12th grade teachers attending the Summer Institute will be expected to develop and implement challenge-based units in their own math and science classrooms.

The third seminar is scheduled for the last week of March and the fourth seminar is scheduled for April 10, 2012.